Your Teen

Teen Patient Handout

Welcome to your Decatur Pediatric Group Medical Home.

A Medical Home is a trusting partnership between a doctor-led health care team and an informed patient (you). We provide quality health care for teens and young adults. We want to work in partnership with you and your family to meet all of your health care needs.

Services we provide to you as a Decatur Pediatric Group Medical Home:

  • Physical health care
  • Emotional health care
  • Preventive health care (helping you avoid getting sick in the future)
  • Take care of short term illness and health problems that continue over time
  • Ask about your goals and ideas for ways to improve your health
  • Listen to you and talk about any concerns you have
  • Help you stay healthy by giving you information about health conditions in a way you can understand
  • Respond promptly to your calls, questions and concerns
  • Have a nurse or doctor on call after hours for urgent needs
  • Remind you when physicals, vaccines and screening tests are due
  • Notify you of test results as quickly as possible
  • Help provide treatment with other healthcare providers if necessary

Having a Medical Home means we trust you to:

  • Learn about your medical problems, and let us know if you don’t understand something we are discussing
  • Follow the treatment plan that we agree upon as best as you can
  • Be honest. Tell us about your medical history, risk behaviors, and all medications you are taking
  • Let us know when other healthcare providers are involved in your care. Ask them to send us a report whenever you see them
  • Be on time for your appointments. If you are not going to keep appointments, call to reschedule or cancel them at least 24 hours in advance
  • Call us if you do not receive test results within 2 weeks
  • Use the “after hours” line only for issues that cannot wait until the next work day
  • Come to our health center when you are sick instead of going to the Emergency Room, so that
  • someone who knows you and your history can take care of you
  • Tell us how we can improve our services

Our staff is always available to discuss your health problems or answer questions. Our staff wants to work with you to help you make the best choices for a healthy future.

Health Rights for Teens

1. You will not be treated differently because of your race, skin color, place where you were born, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or health insurance.

2. You will be treated with respect by all health center staff.

3. If your parents are with you, we ask your parents to leave for part of your visit – this is your time to talk to us privately. We also encourage you to share with your parent/caregiver or another trusted adult in your life the information we discuss.

4. The private information you share with our health center staff will not be shared with other people without you saying it is okay (giving consent).

A) According to Georgia law, all teens can get the following services without the permission of his/her parent or legal guardian:*

  • Pregnancy Testing, Prenatal Care and Pregnancy Services
  • Birth Control Information and Contraceptives
  • Testing and Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

B) According to Georgia law, teens 14 or older can get the following services without the permission of his/her parent or legal guardian:

  • Outpatient Counseling (mental health) Services, up to 12 visits

C) We will be forced to share your private information (by law) when:

  • You tell our staff or we suspect that an adult is hurting you.
  • You tell our staff that you want to hurt yourself.
  • You tell our staff you want to hurt someone else.
  • You are under 12 years old and are sexually active.

5. We will work in partnership with you to determine the care you need. You will receive the best possible care and have your options for care explained to you.

6. You have the right to review your health center record.

7. If you have questions about your rights or feel you have been mistreated, please inform the health center staff.

*Some insurance plans may mail a list of tests received to your house. Talk to your provider if you are using your family’s insurance and want confidential care

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